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AXA Women's F.A. Cup
(Entries: 187)
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Extra Preliminary Round

Preliminary Round

First Round

Second Round

Third Round

Fourth Round

Fifth Round

Quarter Final

Semi Final

[1] Walkover for Hull City  [2] Walkover for Gillingham  [3] Walkover for Penryn  [4] Walkover for London Ladies  [5] Walkover for Haywards Heath  [6] AET. Maidstone United won 4-2 on penalties  [7] AET  [8] Walkover for Calverton MW  [9] AET. Stockport County won 4-3 on penalties  [10] Walkover for Kidderminster Harriers  [11] AET. Shrewsbury Town won 3-2 on penalties  [12] AET. Hampton won 4-3 on penalties  [13] AET. Loughborough Students won 3-1 on penalties  [14] AET. Wyrley Rangers won 13-12 on penalties  [15] AET. Tottenham Hotspur won 8-7 on penalties  [16] Switched to Birmingham. AET  [17] Switched to Bury. AET. Bury Girls & Ladies won 3-1 on penalties  [18] AET. Cardiff City won 4-2 on penalties Cup Final programme has result as 1-1  [19] Switched to Wyrley  [20] AET. Wembley Mill Hill won 4-3 on penalties  [21] Switched to Leeds  [22] AET. Bury Girls & Ladies won 5-4 on penalties  [23] AET. Leicester City won 3-1 on penalties