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AXA Women's F.A. Cup
(Entries: 202)
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Extra Preliminary Round

Preliminary Round

First Round

Second Round

Third Round

Fourth Round

Fifth Round

Quarter Final

Semi Final

AET. 2-3 on penalties.  [1]
AET. 3-4 on penalties.  [2]
Wem Town Raiders awarded the tie as Loughborough Students fielded 12 ineligble players.  [3]
Broughton Airspace awarded the tie as Thorpe United fielded 2 ineligble players.  [4]
AET. 1-3 on penalties.  [5]
AET  [6]
After original match was abandoned on 78 minutes with Preston NE winning 2-0.  [7]
Walkover to Chester-le-Street.  [8]
AET. 4-3 on penalties.  [9]
Abandoned in extra time due to player injury. Replay to be played at Chesham.  [10]
AET. 8-7 on penalties.  [11]
After Extra Time  [12]
Walkover to Wakefield.  [13]
AET. 0-2 on penalties.  [14]
AET. 3-2 on penalties.  [15]
Or Leeds City Wrens?  [16]
AET. 2-4 on penalties.  [17]
AET. 1-1 at full time.  [18]