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Continental Wine Experts W.F.A. Cup
(Entries: 126)

Group A
Chard, Exeter, Exeter Wanderers, Exmouth, Frome, Illogan, Kingsteignton, Pelynt, Plymouth Pilgrims, St Catherines, Tiverton, Top Rank Bath, Torbay, Uley,

Group B
Albion, Bournemouth, Brighton, C&C Sports, Courthope, Gillingham, Hassocks Beacon, Herne Bay, Horam Rangers (Eastbourne), Kingston Grasshoppers, Maidstone, Molesey, Rebel Girls, Reigate, Southampton, Worthing,

Group C
Avery Hill, Aylesbury, Cope Chat, Droitwich St. Andrews, Hampstead Heathens, Hayes, Launton, Llanedeyrn, Newbury, Newtown Worcester, Shoreline, Swindon Spitfires, Warminster, West Ham United, Worcester,

Group D
Biggleswade, Colchester, East Harling, Friends of Fulham, Lowestoft, Millwall Lionesses, Noel Trigg, Northwood, Norwich, Norwich Union, Papworth, Red Devils, Norwich, Romford, Stevenage, Suffolk Bluebirds, Watford, Willesden,

Group E
Albion Wasps, Birmingham City, Burton Wanderers, BYC Argyle (Burwell Youth Club), Coventry Bantams, Crewe, Duston, EMGALS, Fishtoft, Leicester, Luton Daytel, Manchester United Supporters, Solihull, Sportsco, Town & County, Wolverhampton,

Group F
BP Sandbach, Daresbury, Doncaster Belles, Fodens, Macclesfield, Manchester Corinthians, Middlesbrough, Notts Rangers, Prestatyn, Preston North End, Preston Rangers, Reckitts, Rossendale, Rotherham, Star Inn, Wythenshawe,

Group G
Broadoak, Bronte, Cleveland Spartans, Ingol Belles, Kilnhurst, Lostock Rangers, Nabwood Athletic, Percy Main, Prescot, Preston Tigers, Rochdale, Rowntree, St Helens, Stakepool, Sunderland, Thornton ICI,

Group H
Amersham Angels, Arlesey YC, Ashford Town, Bracknell, Chelsea, Cove Krakatoa, Dunstable, Feltham United, Fulham, Gallaher, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Milton Keynes, Shelburne, Spurs, Thurrock,
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First Round - Group A
Bye: Tiverton, Uley

First Round - Group B

First Round - Group C

First Round - Group D

First Round - Group E

First Round - Group F

First Round - Group G

First Round - Group H

Second Round - Group A

Second Round - Group B

Second Round - Group C

Second Round - Group D

Second Round - Group E

Second Round - Group F

Second Round - Group G

Second Round - Group H

Third Round - Group A

Third Round - Group B

Third Round - Group C

Third Round - Group D

Third Round - Group E

Third Round - Group F

Third Round - Group G

Third Round - Group H

Fourth Round

Quarter Final

Semi Final

[1] Walkover for Kingsteinton  [2] Walkover for Launton  [3] Walkover for Newbury  [4] Or Red Devils, Norwich - withdrawn  [5] Or Norwich Union  [6] After Extra Time. 2-2 at full time.  [7] Town & County won  [8] Drawn  [9] Willesden now known as Old Actonians  [10] Bronte won  [11] Tiverton won  [12] Maidstone won  [13] Southampton won  [14] Warminster won  [15] Colchester won  [16] Willesden won  [17] Fodens won  [18] AET  [19] St. Helens won  [20] Also incorrectly reported as Tottenham  [21] Preston North End won  [22] Percy Main won  [23] St. Catherines won