About the Women’s FA Cup

Most football fans know about the Matthews Cup final of ’53, Sunderland and Stokoe in ’73, Southampton shocking Manchester United in ’76, West Ham toppling Arsenal in ’80 and Wigan upsetting the odds to see off Manchester City in 2013, but what are the equivalent magic moments and legendary figures from the women’s game?

The Women’s FA Cup is now more than 50 years old, but its history remains hidden with many incredible stories untold, until now.

This website gives a flavour of what you can discover in our book “A History of the Women’s FA Cup Final”. The book contains the most comprehensive body of research about the most prestigious competition in the women’s game in England. It includes a complete list of all the facts and figures including leading scorers, appearance makers, and the most successful players and managers.

Featuring a match report on every final played to date and interviews with some of the greatest players ever to grace the pitch, this is more than just a stats book – it tells the story of the great clubs and individuals who brought the competition to life and whose efforts in the early years paved the way for the professional women’s game as we know it today.