Teams : 2255
Matches : 10122
... and counting!


This website is long overdue and its existence owes everything to Tim Roast and Rob Dale.

I was involved with the Women's FA from its inception in the late 1960's until the decision was taken in 1993 to hand the organisation's work into the care of The Football Association. When Tim and Rob approached me I was quite clear that their aim was a near impossible task. I sent them all the results I could find from a search of the WFA Minutes, newsletters and match programmes but I should not have doubted their resolve. For much of its lifetime the WFA was run by volunteers and keeping the sort of records which would have helped in the creation of this website was never a priority. However, Tim and Rob were not to be deterred and bolstered by help from Chris Slegg, my co-author of "A History of the Women's FA Cup Final", the website is now ready to be launched. Between all of us we have been in touch with our many contacts to extract the data you find in this website.

There is still much to be discovered and any information/results which you can offer will be most gratefully received. Even if you do not have such information you may have contacts who can assist with this search, so please accept our thanks for helping to complete this historical record.

Patricia Gregory (Founder member of the Women's Football Association).